About us

Our passion is to translate the unique culture of Argentina into fashionable accessories and furniture. As architects based in Buenos Aires, we have always been passionate about two things: design and travel. By getting to know the diverse array of peoples and cultures of the world we have developed a more profound appreciation for the place we like to call ‘home’.

Our mission

Estudio Cebú is born with the idea to give Argentinian leather a whole new meaning. Inspired by nature, we have created a unique design that blends a minimalistic approach together with the traditional values of Argentinian culture.

Our designs are contemporary, yet all of our products are handmade. All of the leather is carefully selected, and all of our products are crafted by local artisans that work leather a whole new meaning.

Our products share the knowledge that has permeated the Argentinian land for generations and we work in order to assure that this knowledge will continue to remain alive.

We use colors that remind us of the arid Argentinian North-West, a place of montainous terrain and red deserts that has no equal over the surface of the Earth.

Our home

Argentina is a vast country, composed by a wide variety of terrains and colors. It is enclosed by the fabulous Andean mountains and by the mysterious River Plate delta. These two natural frontiers encompass a singular landscape which is ever-changing and infinitely diverse.

Explorers have fantasized about Argentina for centuries and have been drawn to this exotic land of the South since it was first discovered. On the one hand, the city of Buenos Aires has become a Latin American mecca of design and fashion. At the same time, because of the richness of the soil, the rural areas have always been regarded as one of Argentina´s primary values. The gaucho culture has always been an essential part of Argentinian culture and we intend to reflect this in the products that we create.

Our products are a perfect blend of European design and gaucho culture. The art of leather has always been part of our identity and still remains so to this day.

The hands that craft

We work closely with local artisan communities, supporting their talent and development. It is important for us to choose quality over quantity and to ensure that we use sustainable processes, in that way lessening the impact of our processes over Mother Nature. We like getting involved with the people behind the scenes, the human beings, the hands that get the work done.

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