Care for your wood & lacquered brass pieces by cleaning with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Then follow up by polishing with a dry cloth. Steer clear of harsh chemicals or cleaners that can damage the finish.

Be sure to keep these beauties in a temperature-controlled environment. Major changes in humidity can cause the wood to crack. To keep the surface looking pristine, be sure to avoid placing hot or moist objects directly on the wood or brass.


Leather can keep its look and patina for years if it’s cared for properly, so make sure to follow our tips to keep your product looking its best

We recommend leather cleaner to keep these pieces looking pristine. 

Be sure to test it out in a hidden spot first.

Scratches are unavoidable on a daily basis. To treat scratches, rub the scratches gently with a small amount of leather conditioner on a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.

Do not expose the product to high heat – e.g hair dryer or direct sunlight as this causes the leather hide to crinkle and dry out excessively

Do not use water or soap. Chemicals from some soaps can ruin leather over time and excessive water can damage, shrink or change the appearance and overall structure of a leather product.

We love that our leather darkens in natural sunlight. However too much excessive sunlight can dry out the leather and weaken over time


Never use it on hard surfaces such as marble, ceramic or porcelain (and not the grill!) – Do not wash it in the dishwasher, always by hand with soap and water and dry it before storing it without letting it soak with the dishes.
We recommend using a good quality sharpening steel regularly.

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